Thursday, November 11, 2004

Re: Goldman Sachs

as my girlfriend, Shalini, quickly realised my comment about there being nothing special in London I have moved quickly to reflect that it was a joke and that there is something special in London for me by the name of Shalini Arora..


Goldman Sachs

I've recently started working at Goldman Sachs...

I'm not in my ideal role but it'll do for now as its on a temporary basis, we'll see how it all goes..

It's a great networking opportunity in my eyes, and have organised to meet some people already, so got that to look forward to as well

Nothing special in London at the moment as all my mates are busy with work as well, so I am now a corporate junkie...waiting for the big move into something that I want to do and then go get rich.



Sunday, October 31, 2004

Applications Forms...

Its been quite some time since my last post, but here we go and i'll try and keep it updated regularly.

The past month and a week since I last post I have just been applying to the banks for a graduate job!

After the India Vs Pakistan game I saw England beat the Aussies, which was awesome but also very cold!! Jumped into a taxi from the station to the game and some corporate junkies asked if we needed a lift, my brother and I thought it'd be rude to decline a free taxi ride so we agreed! Trying to get a taxi back to the station wasn't as good, we ended up walking from Edgbaston Cricket Ground to Birmingham New Street Station which took about 45 mins. By now my extremities were on the verge falling was freezing!

Have been to London a few times to meet up with Shalini and my university friends.. was cool to see all of my mates graduating from Imperial College, have my graduation round the corner (nov 26th) reminds me I've got to send off my confirmation for tickets to my OWN graduation which I think is pretty gay!

watch this space


Monday, September 20, 2004

India Vs Pakistan

I went to the ICC trophy game today at Edgbaston. It started off fun, getting lost in Birmingham and then magically finding our way to V's friends house.

He then dropped us off at the Stadium, well half a mile down from the stadium as the streets were just littered with supporters, flag & hooter sellers and ticket touts! This brings me onto my next business transaction of selling a ticket to a tout for £70. I wanted £80 he offered £40 so I think I did well to get it up to £70 so 2 minutes work equated to £35, not bad!! Face value of the ticket was £35

Anyway onto the match, the match was great even though India lost out in the last over. Atmosphere was unparallel, witnessed some quality batting, crowd fights and even a ice box flying out of a box onto a old man's head, which turned into a full scale brawl and food fight until police restored order!

Highlight of the game was a stunning catch from Indian #12 Yuvraj Singh, diving too his right to hold onto a flashing square cut from Moin Khan late on in the Pakistani innings

Saw so many people from City Uni there, which was quite weird, but some of them were the fundo cricket fans so I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised to seem the make the trek from London upto Birmingham.

Saw my good friend Farah as well, which was a nice surprise.

Ended the day with a stonking headache, having not eaten anything all day due to the crowds and sitting in the sun, at Nando's in Coventry.

Next game: England Vs Australia at Edgbaston

Saturday, September 18, 2004

First Blog..

Hows it going people...

Going to be away from university and the world of work for a year or so, this is the best way that I can let people know where I am and any mischief I've been upto..

Things to look forward to this year:

1. Job Applications - Not really looking forward to this
2. Looking for temping work in London for a few months
3. Graduation in November - Get to see my university class for one last time together
4. Travelling the Far East and Australasia (When this blog will become a great deal more active)
5. Decide whether I want to spend a good part of £25,000 on a Masters

That's it for now