Monday, September 20, 2004

India Vs Pakistan

I went to the ICC trophy game today at Edgbaston. It started off fun, getting lost in Birmingham and then magically finding our way to V's friends house.

He then dropped us off at the Stadium, well half a mile down from the stadium as the streets were just littered with supporters, flag & hooter sellers and ticket touts! This brings me onto my next business transaction of selling a ticket to a tout for £70. I wanted £80 he offered £40 so I think I did well to get it up to £70 so 2 minutes work equated to £35, not bad!! Face value of the ticket was £35

Anyway onto the match, the match was great even though India lost out in the last over. Atmosphere was unparallel, witnessed some quality batting, crowd fights and even a ice box flying out of a box onto a old man's head, which turned into a full scale brawl and food fight until police restored order!

Highlight of the game was a stunning catch from Indian #12 Yuvraj Singh, diving too his right to hold onto a flashing square cut from Moin Khan late on in the Pakistani innings

Saw so many people from City Uni there, which was quite weird, but some of them were the fundo cricket fans so I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised to seem the make the trek from London upto Birmingham.

Saw my good friend Farah as well, which was a nice surprise.

Ended the day with a stonking headache, having not eaten anything all day due to the crowds and sitting in the sun, at Nando's in Coventry.

Next game: England Vs Australia at Edgbaston


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