Sunday, October 31, 2004

Applications Forms...

Its been quite some time since my last post, but here we go and i'll try and keep it updated regularly.

The past month and a week since I last post I have just been applying to the banks for a graduate job!

After the India Vs Pakistan game I saw England beat the Aussies, which was awesome but also very cold!! Jumped into a taxi from the station to the game and some corporate junkies asked if we needed a lift, my brother and I thought it'd be rude to decline a free taxi ride so we agreed! Trying to get a taxi back to the station wasn't as good, we ended up walking from Edgbaston Cricket Ground to Birmingham New Street Station which took about 45 mins. By now my extremities were on the verge falling was freezing!

Have been to London a few times to meet up with Shalini and my university friends.. was cool to see all of my mates graduating from Imperial College, have my graduation round the corner (nov 26th) reminds me I've got to send off my confirmation for tickets to my OWN graduation which I think is pretty gay!

watch this space



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